Release:  June 19, 2006.
Developer:  Infamous Adventures.
Publisher:  Infamous Adventures.
Category:  Adventure.
Genre/Theme:  Adventure, Adventure: 2D Animated / Fantasy.
Engine:  Adventure Game Studio.
Platform:  PC, Microsoft Windows.
Input:  Mouse, Keyboard.
Mode:  Single Player.

Kings Quest 3 : To Heir is Human was first released by Sierra On-Line back in 1986. As the second sequel to the hugely popular and successful Kings Quest series, it fast became a fan favorite. Become Gwydion, young slave to the evil wizard Manannan of Llewdor. Discover the wizard's secret spells and use his magic to free yourself from his thrall. Embark upon a dangerous voyage to another land. Scale snowy peaks and brave a terrible monster to free a kingdom from its ravages!


Many of the graphics in the high mountains are ripped directly from KQ5 mountains assets. Others in Daventry proper taken from KQ5 or KQ1SCI assets but modified.
In version 1.0 Manannan wears a hooded black cloak (likely a nod to. In 2.0 he wears pointed hat and black robes with red stripes.
The introduction now shows Gwydion having a dream about his kidnapping as a baby.
Llewdor was redesigned, leaving out the wrap around and instead having natural boundaries preventing travel to the north and south. The new boundaries make Llewdor larger than it was in the original game.
The top of the mountain is now a scrolling panorama 2 screens wide instead of being a single screen.
The large book on the bookshelf hiding the secret switch is on a backwall shelf in the remake rather than the shelf on the right wall as in the original.
The bandit's hideout only has one interactive screen (it was two in original inside and outside), the rope ladder enters directly inside the building.
If a bandit is inside the hideout and awake when Alexander enters, he quickly leaves before he is discovered.
The magic map takes Gwydion to the top of the mountain rather than the foot of the mountain so he doesn't have to worry about running up the mountain to make it back to the house in time.
The spell system is streamlined to the point that it does all the work for players.
One of the ingredients for the Brewing A Storm Spell was altered from Mud to Swamp Mud, and can be found only in one of the new screens in Llewdor.
One of the ingredients in the Understanding the Language of Creatures Spell, was altered from "Tuft of fur from any animal", to "Tuft of Dog Fur".
The line II of the spell infrastructure was altered, "Put the Dog Fur into the Bowl", instead of "put the fur into the bowl".
In an easter egg behind a tapestry near Gwydion's room, it teleports Gwydion to Baba Yaga's hut.
Medusa speaks if you look in her direction, just before you are killed. She also asks that her sisters avenge her upon her death. In a cameo appearance, Shamir visits Llewdor's town shop in his old man disguise to eat the mints there, and Gwydion thinks he hasn't seen the last of the old man, foreshadowing his later encounters in Green Isles shops.
The game adds a new scene in which during one of Manannan's trips abroad, he visits his brother Mordack.
The scene with the oracle has been extended with new dialogue and new scenes.
The scene of Alexander turning Manannan into a cat is slightly extended with some close-ups of the now-feline wizard.
While you could look at the map while at sea in the original to see how far you were from land.
A new cutscene has been added to when a player first climbs the mountains above Daventry.
Daventry is quite a bit different than in the original game.There is instead dark and burnt forests.
The Door into Mountain pathway to cloudland has also been altered, and now resembles the rope bridges and wooden planks seen in the King's Quest 1 remake.
The ending is extended, and includes many more scenes.
A bonus ending exists if you end game with full points. The ending shows Mordack into Manannan's House at night to retrieve his brother. He then burns the house...
The cup is on the wall shelf in the dining room (rather than on the table).

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