Release:  February 2011.
Developer:  AGD Interactive/Himalaya Studios.
Publisher:  AGD Interactive.
Category:  Adventure.
Genre:  Adventure.
Engine:  Adventure Game Studio.
Series:  King's Quest (unofficial).
Platform:  Microsoft Windows, Macintosh.
Input:  Mouse, Keyboard.
Mode:  Single player.

King's Quest III Redux is an enhanced remake of Sierra On-Line's original game from 1986 in a similar vein as AGDI's earlier remakes of King's Quest I and II. As with Infamous Adventures' previous King's Quest III remake, this remake features completely redrawn background artwork, a modern icon-based point-and-click interface, a professional music score and voice acting throughout, including appearances by Sierra pioneers Josh Mandel and Lori Cole. This remake does not aim to be a 'true' remake, however, as it includes additional content that does not appear in the original game, such as an illustrated control bar, new side quests, puzzles, and characters. Additionally, some puzzles have been tweaked to make them less punishing for the player. The story remains the same as in the original game on which it is based. As an infant, prince Alexander is kidnapped by the evil wizard Manannan. The wizard raises him as Gwydion, never revealing the boy's true heritage, and forcing him to do menial chores around the house. The boy grows into a handsome young man and his adventurous nature starts to get the better of him. The player must help Gwydion escape the wizard's clutches, explore the land of Llewdor, and discover his true destiny. But, beware; Gwydion's master is not one to play games and should he ever think Gwydion would turn on him, he would be most unforgiving.

Background: The young baby Gwydion is kidnapped from his castle by the evil Wizard Manannan (a member of the Black Cloak Society), to grow up as his slave. As is the tradition of the evil wizard, he will kill the boy upon his eighteenth birthday. That date is fast approaching, and it is up to Gwydion to escape the wizard, and find his way home. Along the way Gwydion discovers his true heritage, of being the Prince Alexander, and that his homeland is nearing destruction. He defeats the Wizard, and escapes Llewdor on board a ship. The pirates on board capture him intending to make him a slave. Their first order of business takes them to Treasure Island, where they force Alexander to find an ancient treasure of the legendary pirate Seran. Alexander successfully finds the treasure, and the pirates sail on towards Daventry. Alexander escapes makes across the mountains into Daventry, saves it from evil three-headed dragon and the machinations of The Father.

Geography: Llewdor: Llewdor is a land bounded by the Llewdorian desert and Shapeir to the west and the sea to the east. Large bluffs rise to the north, and a fence blocks passage to the south. It is ruled by Manannan who spy's on it's inhabitants from his mountain retreat. Bandits patrol the woods from their treehouse hideout. The Three Bears and the Oracle make their homes there as well. The town of Port Bruce is the only sign of civilization in the whole land. It is the location of a Tavern, a General Store, and a Library. It is a draw to ruffians and pirates. The desert is the home to sauruses, jackalman, lizards, snakes, and the gorgon Smaude. The latter lives in a darkened cave in the northern reach of the desert. Treasure Island: This is an island between Llewdor and Daventry. It is a jungle island filled with traps where the First Mage, pirate lord Seran hid his treasures, and some of the treasures of the First King Legenimor. Tiles are scattered throughout the jungle needed to activate a magical gate leading to hidden treasure. A wrong choice leads to death in Shapeir. Whoever made it past the gate, then had to prove they were worthy of obtaining the treasure from the spirit of Seran. Treasure Island is a nod to the novel by Robert Lewis Stevenson, which was also referenced in AGD Interactive's previous game. Alexander may accidentally be dropped into Shapeir's Forbidden City if the player is not careful. This is not a good situation for a character that cannot swim. Shapeir is also said to be a land west of the Llewdorian desert. Shapeir is a land from Quest for Glory II, and appears in AGD Interactive's Quest for Glory II remake. In that game, Alexander can be seen falling off a waterfall and bobbing down river. In KQ3 Redux it is possible to cause Alexander to end up in that situation through an improper use of a magical gate on Treasure Island.

Easter Eggs: If you look behind the tapestry next to Manannan's room, it will give information about King's Quest developers, and it will also say "There is information about the upcoming King's Quest IV, but this doesn't interest you because you presently have your hands full with King's Quest III". Message 13 "You lift the bottom of the tapestry and peer behind it. The wall is filled with cracks. You can see why Manannan would hang a tapestry here. (There are also dozens of charcoal- scribbled drawings, diagrams, maps, and notes to programmers, with the legend \"King's Quest IV,\" but you're uninterested in this, since you presently have your hands full with \"King's Quest III.\") You lower the tapestry and smooth out the wrinkles." There is a family of bears in the game called, 'The Three Behrs'. There is a little boy bear, a momma bear, and a papa bear. This is a reference to the classic story, 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears'.

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