Release:  1990 on MS-DOS.
Publisher:  Sierra On-Line, Inc., U.S. Gold Ltd.
Developer:  Sierra On-Line, Inc.
Producer:  Josh Mandel.
Game Designer:  Roberta Williams.
Art Designer:  William D. Skirvin.
Composer:  Ken Allen.
Lead Programmer:  Jerry Shaw.
Programmers:  Gary Kamigawachi, Randy MacNeill, Raoul Said, Chad Bye, Oliver Brelsford, Mark Wilden.
Animators:  Jeff Crowe Cheryl Loyd.
Background Artists:  Cindy Walker Jeff Crowe Jennifer Shontz.
Genre:  Adventure.
Setting:  Fantasy.
Development System:  Jeff Stephenson Robert Eric Heitman Pablo Ghenis John Hartin Dan Foy Larry Scott John Rettig Corinna Abdul.
Gameplay:  Graphic Adventure, Puzzle Elements.
Perspective:  Side View.
Visual:  Fixed / Flip-Screen.
Interface:  Point and Select, Text Parser.
Input Devices Supported:  Keyboard, Mouse.
Number of Offline Players:  1 Player.
Media Type:  3.5" Floppy Disk, 5.25" Floppy Disk.

Roberta Williams' King's Quest I: Quest for the Crown first appeared in 1984, and began a tradition of family computer entertainment...

Now this classic game, rich in delightful characters and puzzling plot twists, returns in a beautiful new version, completely re-drawn and re-animated, with added music and sound. The same entertaining and enchanting game as ever, with a whole new dimension of realism.

The remake includes hi-res EGA graphics. It has been described as more of a 1.5:1 remake (and thus it might be considered more of a retelling, or slight reimagining of the original, and an alternate universe (game realities)). It expands on the story, changes a few details (including puzzles/locations), makes the story more linear, but stays largely true to the original). The story improvements were mainly in the cutscenes (the introduction and conclusion are heavily altered and expanded), character conversations, and narrations. Many of the character roles were expanded slightly to include more conversations (or improve on their personalities). Some of the puzzle solutions were altered (changing the points), some item locations changed, and some locations were completely changed and revamped (the stairs in the mountain were replaced with platforms).

The soundtrack was also expanded and included better musical queues when different characters appeared or action ensued. Sound was enhanced through use a sound card and speakers.

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