Date:  15 September 2006.
Developer:  Revolution Software, Sumo Digital.
Director:  Charles Cecil.
Publishers:  EU: THQ, NA: DreamCatcher.
Producers:  Gary Edwards, Mike Gamble, Steve Ince.
Music:  Ben McCullough.
Composer:  Ben McCullough.
Designers:  Charles Cecil, Neil Richards, Ross Hartshorn, Nana Louise Nielsen.
Series:  Broken Sword.
Platform:  Microsoft Windows.
Genre:  Point-and-click Adventure Game.
Mode:  Single-player.

The Angel of Death is the forth game in the Broken Sword game series. The game was only released for PC. On the US market the game was also referred to as “Secrets of the Ark: A Broken Sword Game”. The B.S. Angel of Death is a lot better game that the third installment of the series and brought new life into the series. The game recommended to all adventure games fans, but it can unfortunately be a bit hard to find for sale. You should be able to find it for sale online.

The game starts with George Stobbart down on his luck. When he seems to be stuck at rock bottom a new lady is introduced into his life, Anna Marie. Anna-Maria drags George into a new mystery where he is forced to save Anna-Maria from being killed by a group of men wanting her dead. In classic Broken Sword manner it is soon clear that the plot is much bigger than anyone had expected and that the fate of the world hangs in the balance. The story takes George all over the world to destinations such as Rome, the Vatican, and the Convent. Everywhere he goes he discovers corruption. The opponents are ones again the Neo Knight Templars.

Broken Sword 4 was a 3D game just like the third installment in the series but did unlike “Broken Sword: The Sleeping Dragon” offer a control system that allowed you to operate the game with the help of your mouse in a similar fashion to the first two games. When you hoovered the mouse over an object where an action was possible the arrow would change into an icon that displays the action possible. En example is that the cursors would change into “lips” when it was possible to talk to someone and into a “hand” when an object could be picked up. The game could also be controlled with the keyboard similar to the system used in the third game.

• The fourth installment of the legendary series.
• Experience George and Nico in 3D.
• Rich soundtrack and voice acting.
• Mysterious and dangerous atmosphere throughout the whole adventure.
• Engrossing story-line and witty dialogue to keep you hooked throughout.

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