Release: September 28, 2008.
Developer: MindFactory.
Publisher: MindFactory.
Directors: Daniel Butterworth, Marius Gosch, Sebastian Nisi.
Writer: Daniel Butterworth.
Composers: Michael J. Rother, Christoph Sachal.
Platform: Microsoft Windows.
Genre: Point-and-click adventure game.

Broken Sword 2.5: The Return of the Templars is a fan made sequel to continue the storyline after the first two games in the Broken Sword adventure series, and ties up the events leading up to the third game. Developed and released by the German company MindFactory, as freeware for Windows.

The series' protagonist George Stobbart leaves Nico for one year because of an important trip to the USA. During that time, his grandfather dies of cancer. While in the USA, he receives a telegram from France detailing the death of Nico. Bewildered, he hastily travels back to France only to discover Nico is still alive and not surprised about the telegram at all. The unexpected reunion does not please her and she asks him to leave immediately. While at Cafe della Chandelle Verte in Paris trying to put everything together, George receives an alarming message from French inspector André Lobineau about Nico. It may turn out the Neo-Templars still exist...

Like the first two games, a 2d view is used with point-and-click gameplay instead of the full 3d from the later games. Familiar locations all over the world are mixed with new settings and characters. George, Nico and André all return, but new ones such as Christophe Brai and English historian Jimmy McLaugh also play an important role.

Movement is done with the mouse, while the cursor changes automatically to an available action when hovering over a hotspot. Items are stored in an inventory and dialogues trees are shown as icons representing items or characters. Players will control George and Nico intermittently throughout the story. It is also possible to die in the game.

Although it is a tribute to the original series, the production values are high with entirely new environments, characters, rendered cut-scenes, sounds and a storyline that match the original games. Some people involved with the original game have contributed and there is full German (with a few of the voices of the original games) and English voice acting.

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